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Alternative Home Theatre - The #1 US supplier of Screen Goo projector screen paint and Goo Systems products.
Sticky Screen Rear Projection Film
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Sticky Screens represent the latest in optical film technology and have developed a series of rear projection films that not only out perform the compettition in image quality but at a fraction of the cost. Each film has an invisible adhesive layer allowing them to be affixed to any clear rigid substrate.

Sticky Screen rear projection films are available in seven versions; Shadow Grey, Ultra White, Black Max, Ninja Grey 20, Ninja Grey 30, Prism Mirror and Holo Clear.  Each featuring it's own unique diffusion and light scattering properties. So whether you need a high contrast screen, bright screen or a see-through screen we've got you covered.

SHADOW GREY - Dark grey rear projection film that offers a great combination of excellent contrast with rich saturated colors for indoor or outdoor use.

HOLO CLEAR - Transparent rear projection film featuring exceptional brightness and colors with a projected image and nearly invisible without. Ideal choice for special effects in a room with little to no ambient light.

ULTRA WHITE - White translucent rear projection film that boasts a bright image with vibrant colors and a wide viewing angle. Perfect for subdued indoor environments.

BLACK MAX - Extreme contrast rear projection film that delivers the deepest black levels. Great choice for high ambient light levels when paired with high powered projectors.

NINJA GREY - Perfect solution for those requiring a less obtrusive rear projection film that performs well in ambient light. A unique perforation pattern is utilized allowing you to see through the film while maintaining contrast for vibrant images in ambient light.  Available in two versions:

NINJA GREY 20 - Less perforation for image saturation
NINJA GREY 30 - More perforation for a better "See Through" effect
PRISM MIRROR - Dual sided projection film that works for rear projection on the chromed side or front projection on the matte grey side.


Goo Systems and Screen Goo was formed in 2000 by an electronics expert (Ken Hotte), a premium artists paint manufacturer (Steve Ginsberg of Tri-Art Manufacturing) and a marketing professional (Kevin Nute). Shortly after its inception, Goo Systems successfully launched Screen Goo into the market bringing a unique option for users to create their own projection screens. Screen Goo by Goo Systems has the ability to be applied to almost any paintable surface and has seen the product being used in myriad applications. The list of Goo Systems clients in Canada and U.S. includes Fortune 500 corporate theatre/conference rooms, Jet Propulsion Laboratory's main Shuttle Return Screen (EAB), outdoor screens, zoos, architectural displays, museums, places of worship, military, flight simulator systems, and home theater connoisseurs.

The secret of Screen Goo by Goo Systems lies in its specially formatted, highly reflective acrylic coating, designed specifically for the video projection industry. Screen Goo acrylic coating allows one to transform any smooth paintable surface into a high performance screen. Its paintable attribute allows users to create practically any screen imaginable, in any size or shape, ranging from curved to extremely large screens. Screen Goo by Goo Systems provides the industry an alternative to traditional material based screens at a significantly lower cost, in addition to outperforming most screens in the market today!

Goo Systems has also engineered a Screen Goo rear projection screen paint coating designed to provide exceptional results in both home and business applications such as the Digital Signage industry. Any rigid, transparent surface can now be cost effectively transformed into a high quality dual-sided projection screen.

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